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I am proud to be an older kinky gay man.

It took me a while to be able to accept that. I spent a long time ignoring the fact that I get hard at the thought of kneeling, collared and drooling, at a masculine man's booted feet. Years of hiding a whole suitcase of rubber gear under my bed.

It took a while, but I have learnt to accept and embrace my perversity - and celebrate it with passion and pride (and with a great big saucy grin on my face).

Such self-knowledge only came through many years of loving and patient guidance from my lover and partner: tattdragon2 / MasterGeoff - and more recently from my training and play with my pup-Handler RubberGTR.

Together, they have both helped me transform myself from an insecure and guilty 'boy' into a man who can have pride in his desires - and to find a place for them within a healthy and balanced material and spiritual life (I may be a boy and pup, but I also hold a Professional job, pay a mortgage and am joint Elder of our Coven...!).

I am 5 foot 3, slim built but trim (I lift weights and run five times a week). Both Geoff and I love tattoos, and I am in the ongoing process of having covering much of my body in interlinked work, mostly inspired around a self-penned design of the 'Green-man': a Pagan image representative of transformation, masculine power and the discovery of inner strength through growth.

I have always had a kinky side, and Geoff has always encouraged me to explore this. I love gear and being 'geared up'; I get very aroused both by seeing guys in serious gear like bike leathers, diving suits etc, and by being geared up in the same - and I know that I'm also not alone in this. I think that the gear literally represents 'the man' - this gear is worn by and epitomises the masculine hero who pits himself against the extreme: pilots, skydivers, astronauts, bikers - they are all cultural heros and masculine 'idols'. Being geared up in this stuff - especially by another man, and even more so by one who wears this stuff for real - makes me a part of that too. On one level, seeing myself in this gear helps me to identify myself with these men, and with their masculinity. The gear literally 'makes the man'.

Of all gear I most love leather - especially bike gear and boots. To me leather is about strength and Male power - the hottest thing I know is to see a masculine (preferably bearded or 'tasched) man who wears his leathers like they are an extension of him (just take a look at either Geoff's or RubberGTR's pics to see what I mean...). Wearing leather makes me feel more masculine: it is the organic armour of the biker - the 'knight of the road', the skin of the rebel and the badge of acceptance into the LeatherTribe.

i now also get the occasional opportunity to be the proud 'pillion-pup' on the back of my Handler's Pan-European - which gives me more than enough excuse to be leathered and booted *and* to really understand the freedom and power of having a thrumming hunk of metal between your leathered thighs... ;)

I love the masculinity of leather, but I also have a real thing for rubber. Rubber does things to me: there's something about the way that it clings, restricts and defines the body that wears it; the way it seems to seep into your very flesh over time... Rubber - especially full coverage - also physically changes the appearance of the man who wears it: it blurs his features and melds him into an anonymous being...

I also love bondage and mummification, and have recently been exploring the transformative experience of hypnosis and pup-play.

As pup and dog-boy, i am proud to wear my Handler RubberGTR's collar and to be His devoted and playful rubberpup.

As you'll have guessed from the nic, I also have a *real* thing for boots...

I believe that SM can and does change us. I have always been aroused by the idea of transformation - I love to see and feel myself as changed and different - of being outside my 'ordinary' life. For me, much of fetish is visual - Geoff calls it SM Art: using our bodies to manifest our desires - physically transforming ourselves into the very embodiment of our fantasies... What we see is what we believe, and what we believe defines our reality: what we believe, we become...

Geoff tells me I over-analyse and complicate everything - so I guess I should stop there - most of my fantasies are expressed in the stories on this site anyway. If you want to e-mail me, my contact details are on all of my photos. I am sometimes also on Yahoo Messenger (as bootbrushpup) - give me a buzz if you see me and fancy a chat.

Meantime, I hope you enjoy the Site.

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