Friends and links


This section of the site is dedicated to friends we have made and resources we have found - in some cases both at the same time. All of them carry our personal recommendations.

The friends listed here are those people we have met on-line, over IRC, via email, and in some cases face to face. Inclusion here is based on us sharing a similar outlook and interests. Links and email's are available with each person, in case you are interested in contacting anyone; if you do, tell 'em where you got their details. Of course, you can also check out our friends listings of Recon, Growler etc if you’re part of those networks - but these are the guys who are our personal and deeply held friends...

The other links are to those pages and resources which we have found exceptionally useful, inspiring or erotic. Some are information sites, others are pure 'entertainment'. Some of these sites are also protected by membership or Adult verification services.

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