I am a leatherman and sexual explorer (5'8, slim but fit, shaved, tattooed and pierced).

I have a long-term partner: bootbrush - my lover, life-partner - and occasionally sub, boy, dog...

I am primarily into exploration: scenes and play may include bondage, cock and ball play, mummification and boot-worship; they might also involve water sports and fisting - then again, I might just as easily be up for a good fuck. I don't believe in limiting myself or others by 'labels' - and so although I tend to 'Top', I do also occasionally switch - especially when doing so may enable me to explore a new experience or technique...

As well as my SM activities I am also a witch and occultist: I am therefore keenly interested in SM spirituality and SM Shamanism. It is well known that practices such as pain play and flogging release large amounts of endorphins, and that these chemicals can aid us to open our minds and connect to a greater self. In experienced hands, I believe that SM can be used to effect profound transformation within the players.

Self-evolution and transformation are also the root to my additional interests in tattooing and body-modification (photos of my new tribal sleeve will follow shortly - once it's in a more complete state)

I like the men that I play with to have a keen sense of exploration and play and an interest in self-transformation. I do not expect players to have masses of experience, but I do expect them to show a willingness and hunger to learn - and to enjoy themselves in whatever games we may create for each other. I also like a guy to present me with something new and original.

Bearded, 'tasched and hirsute men are particularly welcome!

I am a member of the EBC (European Bondage Club ­ member #0763), and am always interested in hearing from other Tops or subs. If you're interested, give me a 'mail. I can also occasionally be found on Yahoo Messenger as MasterGeoffUK or tattdragon2...

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